Binary options – Paradise for opportunists

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Binary options – Paradise for opportunists

The binary options market is a place where only opportunists get to earn money. Sadly, the majority of those people are brokers and other parties affiliated to those same brokers. Why Am I saying this when there are dozens and dozens of people who claim that they live by trading binary options? Well if you want an answer to that question to keep on reading.

At the first look, the binary options world doesn’t show any promise. In this world, there are two types of brokers, those that aren’t regulated and those that are governed in Cyprus (under the fake address of course). The target audiences for these brokers are people who want to earn money without much effort (inexperienced traders). Those people fall for obviously fabricated stories that promise easy profits with a help of advanced and secret systems and robots. None of this happens, of course.

There is substantial evidence of the manipulation of the price curves that prevent traders from winning through the binary options trading. Some brokers also refuse the payout for the people that earned money over their site. These stories about fraudulent brokers are well known, and anyone with a bit of a brain in their head avoids binary options. Another way for the broker to make the trade lose money is to play the long game. They allow a trader to win in the short term but with the clever manipulation of the payout factors.

With all this negative info regarding brokers and binary options in general, it would seem that it is impossible to generate profit through binary options. Well, for regular and inexperienced people that statement is true. For individuals who know how to trick the tricksters, it is possible to earn money. The amount of people that manage this is minuscule, as many fail to understand the enemy against whom they are fighting – the broker.

People that do earn money through binary options focus on three crucial things, the strategy, automation and the half-honest broker.A successful strategy is an approach that ensures a win rate over 60 percent in a short-term and over 80 percent over a long term. Short-term earnings are easy to hit, but they provide little to no profit. To ensure profit in a long-term, you have to compare prices from multiple sources and ensure that no price changes happen throughout the trading.

Don’t trust robots provided by the broker. They may promise high win rate, but they work for the trader. Find a way to incorporate external software that will send orders to the site of the broker. Be careful, as the dealers hate these kinds of tricks.
No binary options broker is entirely honest. Try to find one that will allow you to withdraw your winnings.

After you have found the dealer like that, be sure to check the peak time frames in which a significant amount of trades happen. Trading during these periods reduces the change of the price curve manipulation due to high traffic. Top 10 Binary Demo about half-honest brokers through which you can earn some money.

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